Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Youngest Templar

Keeper of the Grail
, Book 1
Trail of Fate, Book 2 --- The Youngest Templar Trilogy Series: by Michael P. Spradlin, Putnam, 2008, 2009. Audiobook, narrated by Paul Boehm, Listening Library, 2008, 2009 (audiobook review copy source: public library audiobook download / paperback review copy source: publisher provided))

Nice performance by narrator, Paul Boehm, Spradlin keeps the story moving briskly with lots of action and character development. He ends each book with a "oh-no-don't-stop-now" cliffhanger.

Young Tristan, raised in a monastery, his parentage unknown, is taken on as a squire by Sir Thomas Leux of the Knights Templar. The company commander, Sir Hugh Monfort, seems to instantly dislike Tristan and singles him out for unwarranted punishment and ridicule. Tristan accompanies Sir Thomas to the Holy Land and during the Battle for Tyre, Sir Thomas charges Will with the care of a precious and mysterious object and orders him to deliver it to the Templar Chapel in Scotland.

Spradlin mixes history and legend as Tristan meets up with an archer from Sherwood Forest named Robard and Maryam, a female Al Hashshashin warrior who accompany him on his journey. Remind you of anyone?

These are great fun. I am most anxious to read book three.

The Youngest Templar website provides some history on the Knights Templar and the times.


Anonymous said...

One of my students loves this series! He was a nonreader until he bought the first book at our book fair. They turned him on to reading!


Camille said...

Oh, doing the "right book, right time, right reader" dance for your student.