Friday, January 22, 2010

Babymouse: The Musical

Oh joy, coming soon -- BABYMOUSE: THE MUSICAL
Curtain up, light the lights! Will the irresistible, irrepressible Babymouse win the lead in the school musical, or will Felicia Furrypaws steal the show?

Now, when will we QUILTERS be able to buy Babymouse Fabric? Hmm?
Hello? Paging Andover Fabrics!
Please make them an offer they can't refuse. I need some Babymouse PINK in my fabric stash.

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Brimful Curiosities said...

Gasp! I've not read the Babymouse Graphic Novels yet. What ages are they for?

Thanks for commenting on my Little House post. I'm not surprised that fewer kids are reading the books. I related to the books because I was from a small farming community and my grandparents grew up in a very similar fashion and lived on a farm. In fact, when I was little I can remember butchering time and going to gather eggs. My fourth grade teacher also lived on a farm, so the books were very important to her as well. I'm glad she shared them with my class.