Monday, January 11, 2010

2008 -- Two Ambassadors

Jon Scieska was the absolute best, perfect, appropriate, inspired pick for the role as our first Ambassador of Children's Literature.

His visit to Houston in 2008 at Blue Willow Bookshop was an event officiated by a Cub Scout color guard, a brass fanfare and a red carpet.

I had never met an ambassador before. I attempted to get into a session with him at TLA once but the crowd was so large that the fire marshall closed the room before I got there.

I told him how much I had enjoyed his reports from the embassy, especially when his diplomatic intervention had been required to help Mo Willems with Knuffle Bunny 3.

Earlier, in 2008 Houston was graced with a visit by Katherine Paterson who came to speak at the Cool Brains InPrint series.

I know during her time as Ambassador she will be doing a lot of talking, like above, but, I will remember the joy on her face as she met with the children there that day. Her face was shining!

We are so happy about your appointment, Madame Ambassador.

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Barrie said...

I think she'll be a terrific ambassador. As he was. :) (I found you via the Comment Challenge.)