Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thanks for the ride!

My first year as a school librarian was the year of Titanic. Those of you who were in the library business the year the movie came out, know that there were not enough books on planet Earth on that subject to fill the demand. I had multiple copies of the Ballard book and a biography of Molly Brown but that was not enough. Over the course of that year, I added every Titanic book I could find. At TLA, I watched librarians almost come to blows over a lovely new cross section book about the Titanic at the Little Brown booth. It was wonderful time. Kids were combing the catalog for books. They were pouring over the encyclopedias and reading everything I had on the topic.

My second year as a school librarian started wonderfully when a colleague asked what I had done over the summer and I answered that I had read this fantastic book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. That was the year of Potter.

Two fantastic years to start a career as a school librarian.

Now we are at the end.

I have steadfastly held my fingers in my ears and chanted "la-la-la-la, not listening" for the past few months whenever HP comes up. These past days though, trying to avoid Harry Potter spoilers and tip offs, is like trying to evade rain drops in a hurricane. I see the cover on television and lunge for the remote because I am afraid I'm going to see or hear something to ruin the ending for me.

There is not much that really surprises me anymore (well, maybe the ending of The Office this season) so perhaps I am looking at Book 7 as an opportunity to experience "Christmas morning" excitement one more time.

After I post this, I think I will be signing off the computer until sometime this weekend when I finish reading.

In advance though, I just want to thank JKR for the fun.

It has been a grand ride.

An alert entling did send me this news article and assured me I could look at it safely.

Courtney Lanahan and Shawn Gordon of Clackamas are heading straight from their wedding reception Friday to a bookstore to get the final Harry Potter book.

My kind of people.


Anonymous said...

I feel your trepidation. I've stopped talking calls from even my family. There are very few unspoiled moments in our lives as we age. To have one such one such unspoiled moment left is something to enjoy and savor. Enjoy it it!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to tell you I just finished _Austenland_ and I loved it! Happy Harrying to you this weekend!

Camille said...

Oh sockbug, I am so glad you read Austenland.

you said it!

Elaine said...

Well I am now Pottered out and feel sad it is all over and I noticed you have just read my blog on HP so am returning the compliment. This winter I plan to read all seven of them again one after the other so I can pick up all the threads as I go along.