Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sadness: Beverly Sills

An emotional Carol Burnett payed tribute to her good friend Beverly Sills on NPR this week.

Beverly Sills died on Monday, July 2.
I loved Sills's bubbling laugh and glorious voice.

She was an American original.

Beverly Sills Online
New York Times


Anonymous said...

What fun! I fondly remember Beverly Sills' specials with Carol Burnett, but didn't know she dueted (sp?) with one of my favorites, Danny Kaye. I wonder if anyone (of BookMoot's "older" readers) remembers a record Kaye made of Aesop's Fables stories. I listened to it religiously as a child (along with Vivien Leigh's recordings of the Peter Rabbit stories) and loved the song Kaye sang for the story of the fox and the crow ("I'm a Cheese Man"). Thanks for the delightful clip!

Camille said...

I had a Danny Kaye storybook of Stories from Around the World or something like that. I think there even may be a record of him telling stories at my folk's house. I will have to check on that.

Kaye was another original. I used his "Vessel with the Pestle" bit from the movie Court Jester for notetaking lessons. It was important to me that kids today be introduced to his brilliance.

tanita✿davis said...

You know, you don't even realize who or what informs your ideas on what things are... I got the idea of what opera was from Beverly Sills being on re-runs of The Muppet Show. When we galloped around the house ululating and playing 'opera star,' it was she whom we imitated.

...despite the fact that for years I called her George Beverly Sills... having once heard the name George Beverly SHEA.

Camille said...

I realized my youngest daughter had never seen her when we watched a concert and tribute to her on PBS earlier this year, and to think, my youngest is "the singer." I am so grateful we took time to watch the program and enjoy her joy of singing.