Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Movie: The Dark is Rising

Like Sheila at Wands and Worlds , I also cannot seem to look away from this train wreck a.k.a. The Dark is Rising movie. Sheila found a side by side comparison of the differences we already know about between the book and movie. J.L Bell at Oz and Ends has more dispiriting news here and here on this travesty and reminds us of the the "originality" of fruit cart scenes.
Oh my.

I think this title, "The Dark is Sinking" and this snip from BlogCritics.org, says it all.

During filming in Bucharest, Romania there was a joke on The Dark is Rising set that only three things have been changed from the original 1973 novel: the nationality of lead character Will Stanton, changed from English to American; his age changed from 11 to 13; and everything else that happens in the story.

They have bungled the opportunity to have a franchise à la Harry and Narnia and one can only wonder, what were they thinking?
Fools, fools, fools.


Saints and Spinners said...

I won't see it. As tempting as Christopher Eccleston is, I won't see it.

u l a n said...

Your posts about the reported butchery of DiR have prompted me to give the book another shot.

I had trouble getting through it the first time, some years ago. I think perhaps I just wasn't in a reading mood then. (It could be that I was also very freaked out by the black birds, scaredycat that I am)

So, with a pre-owned copy that I found in a sale bin, I read through the story and I really liked it!

And now, I share your dismay at seemingly lack of respect the filmmaker is showing to the material.

BTW, would you know where I can find a sample of Susan Cooper's signature? It's not on her website.

The copy I bought is signed by Susan Cooper -- I'd like to compare it to see if it's legit!

Camille said...

AtG: Eccleston IS fine.

Ulan: I happen to have a book that Cooper signed in my presence. I will see if I can post a picture of her signature.

Camille said...

...and oh, yes. The birds absolutely were freaky.

u l a n said...

Thanks, Camille.

Here's the signature on the book that I bought:



Michele said...

Have you seen/heard this ? They've now renamed the filmed The Seeker: The Dark is Rising...

CE is OK, but he's a bit of a one-note actor at times... (*ducks thrown objects*)