Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Weird things heard over Christmas in Hobbiton

Helpful advice from Entling no. 1: "You should really organize your light bulbs, Mom."
Helpful advice from Entling no. 2: "If you would just start a list of everyone's gifts on the first of December, you would be more organized."
Helpful advice (imperative) from the Entlings: "Mom, do not talk about dust mites on Christmas Day!!!"
Helpful advice from Entling no. 2: "You need more bookcases."
Helpful advice (imperative) from Treebeard: "Do not tape a bow to your mother's head!"
Wishful thinking from Entwife: "These are South Beach Diet cookies."
Query from Entling no. 1: "Who has been eating the fudge?"
Query from Entling no. 2: "Who has been eating the fudge?"
Query from Entling no. 3: "Who has been eating the fudge?"
Query from Treebeard: "Who has been eating the fudge?"
Query from Entwife: "Who has been eating the fudge?"
Statement from Entling no. 1: "I'm taking part of the fudge," while packing her car to leave.
Cry for help from Entling no. 3: "Yo!" said at the communion rail after being by-passed twice by the chalice bearer.
Wishful thinking (myself): "Now I remember why we had a van with individual seats for the kids when they were younger," muttered sotto voce while listening to a raucous game of "Zzzzt" from the backseat which will just hold three entlings side by side.
Can't help myself: "Have you read this book?"


Michele said...

Very funny ! How old are your entings ?

Camille said...

24 yrs -- journalist, employed, 20 yrs -- college junior, 16 yrs -- high school sophomore

Gail Gauthier said...

And you got them to go to church??? Man, am I impressed. If one of my offspring shouted "Yo!" at the communion rail, it would be cause for great joy. The skies would open and choruses of angels would begin to sing.

Camille said...

The best part was when "Yo" put the origami crane she had just folded out of the service leaflet (during the sermon) in the collection plate as it passed by. As the plate traveled down the pew I heard her older sisters say..."did she just put a crane in the collection plate???"
An interesting offering. It was a rare event to all be there, tout ensemble, for sure.

Michele said...

Very funny ! I love it - there's no law saying your offering *must* be money after all ! LOL