Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Science Books

Greg LS and Chicken Spaghetti have found some great links about science books.

Greg LS points to Kay Wiseman's article, "Science-Themed Novels" in Book Links. Book Links is one of the best journals out there for rounding up books by theme of subject, great collection development tool.

Chicken Spaghetti links to a ponder about the best science books of all time and more suggestions for adult books with high "readability."

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Anonymous said...

My office runs SB&F (Science Books and Films), which reviews science books, including those aimed at kids. I know a lot of school librarians use it for help in stocking reliable kids' science-related books and videos. The best of lists seem to be available without a subscription (2006's comes out in the next issue).

(Full disclosure: I don't work on SB&F, so I have no real vested interest in the journal other than to share what seems to me, at least, to be a useful resource. I have, however, given away free copies to people at library conventions from a booth I shared with the journal's editor.)