Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Why? by Lila Prap, 2005

Kane Miller Book Publishers brings us challenging and imaginative titles from around the world. I adore this book from Slovenia. Humor and facts work together in this animal book. Silly and factual answers to questions are the framework.
Why do whales spout water?
They're watering the sea grass.
It's their runy noses! They always have colds.
For fun.
* Whales don't spout water but from a distance it might look as if they do...When they come to the surface of the the water, they blow the moist air out fo their nose--the blowhole on top of their head.

The illustrations are chalk or pastel and will inspire the artist in all of us. This is a book I would want to share with art teachers.

It is also an excellent model for a research or Big 6 product. Animal reports are a staple of research skills lessons. Students could illustrate their animal and surround it with facts they discovered through research.

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