Monday, August 07, 2006

:01-- First Second

I used to love comic books. As a kid we lived in Holland and my valiant mother would take us to a news stand that sold American comic books on a regular basis.

Today, I stand in awe at the popularity of manga. Visit any chain bookstore and the graphic novel aisle is clogged with kids silently reading their favorite series, from back to front. When I try to read one of those series: MEGO--My eyes glaze over.

I might watch Fullmetal Alchemist with the kiddies on TV, (I love Al's voice,) but to read it, I have to physically push my eyeballs to track the words.

:01-- First Second titles are wholly original. The writing has a literary quality and is thoughtful in tone.
FIRST SECOND aims for high quality, literate graphic novels for a wide age-range, from Middlegrade to Young Adult to Adult readers. Toward that end I am endeavoring to upgrade the editorial process and the art direction that go into making book-length comics. I have already begun to sign on talented storytellers, including prize-winning novelists and non-fiction writers, top playwrights and screenwriters. On the artistic side, I'm assembling an inspiring line-up of exceptional talents from all over the world.

Missouri Boy by Leland Myrick, 2006

A quiet and wistful memoir of paper airplanes, fire crackers and swimming in the local pond. The sad and painful moments of life are also shared. Ultimately, Missouri Boy, leaves his home and his twin brother behind, as he strikes out for California to try a new life and begin again.

American Born Chinese
by Gene Luch Yang, 2006

Three seemingly unrelated stories make up this tale including the fable of the Monkey King, an obnoxious Chinese stereotype and young Jin Wang who just wants to fit in to his new school where he is the only Chinese American.

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There's a new children's book that was just released called Kidz Phil-Oz-Sophie Book 1. It's written by a new author to the writing scene. The intended audience is young readers like 9-15-ish. There's even a place at the end of the book where children can send in their own poetry for publication. It's a really cool concept. The author has a website: I'd love to hear what you think about it.