Monday, April 03, 2006

The Third Carnival of Children's Literature

When I started Book Moot about two years ago, I could not find many blogs about children's literature. Now just look at the length of the blogroll! It seems like every day I find a new one. My newer additions are GottaBook, Students for Literacy Ottawa, Magic of Books, Wands and Worlds and Farm School.

Today also sees The Third Carnival of Children's Literature hosted by Sherry at Semicolon. The focus this month is Poetry. Sherry has done a great job of organizing the submissions!


Becky said...

Thanks for the mention, Camille! I didn't realize how many kids' lit blogs there were until I read Lissa's Here in the Bonny Glen more closely -- I'd always considered it more of a homeschooling blog -- and then stumbled across Chicken Spaghetti, which opened a huge new door for me. What a treat.

Off to go check out Magic of Books and Wands & Worlds with my not so black coffee : )

Louise said...

Hi Camille,

Okay - asleep at the switch and only saw this today. Thank you very much for adding us to your links and for the mention. I've been on quite the learning curve for blogging since I got into it last fall. It's been fun finding all the resources out there - I found it a bit slow starting, but then once I found a few sites, it was just a matter of following their links. It's a nice sense of community.