Friday, April 07, 2006

Ark Angel

Ark Angel
by Anthony Horowitz, 2006

Oh the places you will go, Alex Rider!

Ark Angel is the latest chapter in the saga of Alex Rider. I do not want to give away too much in case you have not read the previous books but be warned, "spoilers" follow. If you have not read Alex Rider vols. 1-5 then hie yourself to a library and begin now.

Book 5 ended abruptly and very "Ian-Fleming-ly" with Alex on the ground, hit by a sniper's bullet. Ark Angel picks up soon afterwards with Alex recuperating in the hospital. There he befriends another patient, the lonely son of the multi-millionaire, Nikolei Drevin. Drevin is the developer of the Ark Angel space hotel project.

As usual, Alex is embroiled in the events that follow against his will. Only Alex, however, has the unique skills and talents to combat the evil plot and danger that unfolds.

Horowitz is at the top of his game in this sequel, the action is nonstop. The book actually contains several mini lessons in physics which make some of the predicaments almost believable. They are always fun.

While booktalking with some 5th graders, I mentioned that I had read this book and a young fan asked fearfully, "So, is Alex alright?" He cannot wait to get this book.

This is going on the "Gotta Have It" list.


Michele said...

See, I said it was good ! (Would I lie to you ? *grins*)

Camille said...

I actually put off reading it because I knew it would be a while before the next one. Ark Angel is EXCELLENT! I can hardly wait to see Horowitz here in Houston at the end of April.

Michele said...

Oh hush ! I'm still sulking that you're going to see him...

I'm teasing you ! I hope you have a fab. time...

I don't care that there's a while before the next one comes out - I'll just re-read the first 6 again (in HP-esque fashion !)