Monday, February 20, 2006

Author: Hilary McKay

This is great news, Caddy ever after by Hilary McKay will be published in June. I love this series about the Casson family. A look back through the months shows I never got around to talking about Permanent Rose.

The Casson's are such fully realized characters. I confess I have wondered if there was a real family that was the inspiration for them.
McKay ... explains that these characters are not based on her own experience growing up in England as the oldest of four sisters. Rather, her novels' entertainingly eccentric family members come "entirely and utterly from my imagination, I am sorry to say! I suppose they were the families I would have liked to have."

McKay describes how Saffy's Angel came to be and the kinds of feedback she gets from readers.

I have yet to encounter any kids who read her books. I wonder if they strike a chord here in the USA. I love them but I am an affirmed Anglophile.

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Kelly said...

I'm not a kid, but I love these books!!

Camille said...

I really feel like I have spent time with good friends when I finish one of these books. It was so satisfying to see the Dad, "get his" in Permanent Rose. What a heel.

I have not seen kids reading them though. Maybe I am not on the scene enough to sell them. When I am at a library they often do not have them. I need to work on this.