Monday, October 17, 2005

The Bridesmaid

The Bridesmaid by Hailey Abbott, 2005

This book is the pick for our mother-daughter book club. This is a great chick-lit read with well drawn characters and a fun plot that will appeal to girls who enjoyed Traveling Pants and Princess Diaries.

Abby's parents run Dove's Roost, a wedding venue where they make couples' wedding dreams come true. Over the years Abby and her sister Carol have witnessed so many wedding meltdowns they vow to never marry. It is a shock to the family when Carol returns home after college graduation and announces she is going to be married. Their parents look at it as an opportunity to put on the ultimate wedding. Abby is sick at heart at the thought of losing her sister.

Abby's world is changing in other ways. Her two best friends are planning a year in Italy and the boy she has a crush on is showing interest in her. A dedicated athlete and soccer player Abby is missing practice and games as she gets sucked into the wedding maelstrom and slowly but surely her sister is turning into Bride-zilla. Her parent's marriage is also cracking under the strain.

Abbott's take on weddings, ice sculptures, mothers of the brides, and color themes is hilarious. Readers will identify with Abby and cheer for her efforts to fix her family and do the right thing for herself.

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Anonymous said...

I may just have to track this down as a post-wedding read. My (younger) sister was married on the 22nd, and I was in the wedding party. Funny timing. :)