Friday, October 07, 2005

Author visits and language

Author Graham Taylor has caused a dust-up by using "inappropriate language" in a talk to school children. His defense is he was streaming the "Little Britain" television program as a cultural/pop reference.

Memo to self: Trying to look cool to 11 year olds by using "popular" idoms will just make you look like a dolt.

Compare & contrast:

Language in Chis Crutcher's books annoys some folks but his presentations to students are meaningful, thoughtful, funny, and unforgettable.

From the Decatur Daily:

Crutcher hopes school officials will begin to realize that he knows how to watch his language around the children to whom he speaks.

"I go to hundreds of schools, and I've never offended anyone," he said.


Kelly said...

Hi Camille:

The G.P. Taylor story really cracked me up. I did not enjoy his books at all. Maybe he's unbalanced? Nice post :)

Camille said...

Did you see the story some time ago where he was clearing out his house in preparation to move and ended up burning his original manuscript of Shadowmancer? It was worth $$$$$ supposedly.

You are the second person who has told me they did not enjoy the book. Interesting.

Camille said...

I have not read any of his books yet.

Michele said...
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Michele said...

I point-blank refuse to read his books... Someone whose critical opinion I value wrote a really stiff review of the first one, and that totally put me off. I gather the books are really preachy in a nasty sort of way... *ugh*

If you're interested in reading Farah Mendelsohn's review, it appeared in The New York Review of Science Fiction, November 2003. (I thought I had it on my hard drive, but apparently not.)