Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Illustrator: Jerry Pinkney

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a tribute to Jerry Pinkney today. He will be speaking at the "Black, White and Read All Over" series sponsored by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Arts & Lectures.

Pinkney's inviting illustrations captivate and charm readers of his books. I love his work.

In the past four decades, Pinkney, 65, has published more than 80 children's books.

"Not only has he perfected working in an unyielding medium (watercolors don't allow for mistakes like oils), he continues to create fresh perspectives, making familiar themes new," said Maria Salvadore, who teaches children's literature at the University of Maryland.

"I admire him and think that his work is often underrated because he makes it look easy, does beautiful work consistently, and is so well-loved by audiences."

"Watercolor suits me very well," Pinkney said. "It's magical to me because I don't know exactly how it will come out."

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