Monday, April 18, 2005

Author: Charlie Higson

There is a lot of publicity about Silverfin by Charlie Higson. The book has already been published in the UK and Canada, it will published in June here in the USA. Higson has written about the dearth of action thrillers for boys and "...he partly blamed "the fact that children's publishing is run almost exclusively by women..."

Children's book publishers are understandably wary about violence in books, even books that will likely be read by parents as well, and Higson says he tried to find the balance between "Tom and Jerry and Sam Peckinpah." In the next novel, due to be published early in 2006, he made a decision to back away from the cartoonish mayhem of the movies. "In the Bond films you had those scenes where hundreds of guys in colour-matching bodysuits get blown up, and it's a bit of fun. But I thought I'd like the kids to think about this a bit more."

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