Saturday, February 26, 2005

ALA Prez-elect is a ...

Librarians have their knickers in a twist over the latest "screed" from Michael Gorman whose commentary "Revenge of the Blog People!" slams bloggers. The listservs are alternately outraged and defensive of Gorman. He is lucky in his friends.

Many, many bloggers have posted on this topic but I loved author, screenplay writer and graphic novelist Neil Gaiman's take:
...when I read an article by the president-elect of the ALA, and find myself unable to decide whether it's mostly that a) he's simply a very, very bad writer, or b) he lacks any skills of a diplomatic nature, or it's just c) he really believes that statements like "Given the quality of the writing in the blogs I have seen, I doubt that many of the Blog People are in the habit of sustained reading of complex texts" are somehow going to disabuse people who keep blogs, journals and such from believing or repeating the calumny that "Michael Gorman is an idiot" (someone apparently said this on a blog, he tells us, expecting us to feel an outrage on his behalf I somehow wasn't able to muster). (Surely, if you're upset that someone called you an idiot, the wisest course of action would be not to write an odd screed that will itself convince many people who haven't heard of you before reading it that this is in fact the case.)

Gaiman is an original voice in the publishing world. His "children's" books include The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, Wolves in the Walls and the very...uh...interesting/creepy...Coraline.

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