Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Royal Mail has selected illustrator Raymond Briggs to design their Christmas stamps this season. You can see the stamps and read their description here. Briggs has created Father Christmas cartoons for the stamps along with other illustrations for the First Day Cover Envelope, Filler Card, Airletter and Presentation Pack.

The 2004 stamps show our hero braving every conceivable type of winter weather during his arduous Christmas Eve night shift. But as you can see on the 1st Class stamp, all the hard work’s been worthwhile as he salutes dawn breaking on Christmas Day.

Each design is especially made to fit perfectly on a stamp. The piece begins with dozens of pencil sketches, which are then coloured using crayons and watercolour. This attention to detail is obvious in these delightful pieces that literally glow with colour.

The website describes the stamps but I cannot find a "magnify" image which is a shame. I would like to see the details.
The second class stamp design features Father Christmas struggling up a snow covered rooftop towards a high chimney steep. Surely those footsteps will arouse some suspicion?

In true British style, the weather has changed suddenly to rainfall as Father Christmas makes his way back to his loyal reindeer. Featured on one of the European airmail stamps it could be perfect for showing friends abroad what they are missing out on!

Father Christmas battles through wind so intense it knocks his hat off. Determined, he struggles on. A bit of bloomin’ wind won’t stop him getting his job done.

As hailstones the size of pebbles descend, Father Christmas takes cover under an icicled chimney steep. Could it get any worse?

Daylight approaches and a heavy fog settles. Poor old Father Christmas is close to falling off the roof as he searches for his reindeer. But it’s clear to see that this Airmail stamp design is flawless.

Finally morning comes and Father Christmas, in a rare display of joy, throws his arms up to the sunrise. The night is over, all the presents have been delivered, and he can go home, have a bath and put his feet up. A triumphant design for our first class stamp.

Briggs is in the news lately for his EBay auctions for charity of snowmen items that have been sent to him over the years. Posted by Hello

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