Thursday, August 19, 2004

Pearl Harbor story

Boy at War: a novel of Pearl Harbor by Harry Mazer, 2001

This is excellent historical fiction. The story hits all the right notes. Adam is attending civilian school (not on a Navy base) for the first time and trying to find his place there. His family has recently arrived in Honolulu where his father serves on the U.S.S. Arizona. Adam respects his father and accepts his family's Navy lifestyle, but he is lonely and therefore willing to accept an offer of friendship, against his father's wishes, from Davi, a Japanese boy. December 7 arrives and Adam is caught up in the events of that day. The worry, the fear, the anger of those times are all successfully incorporated into this fast moving story. Mazer does an excellent job of recreating the time period.

Boys are always looking for good books about WWII. They are hard to find. This one is a winner. I want to read the sequel which is coming out in September, 2004: A Boy No More. The description at Amazon describes it: Adam's best friend, Davi Mori, writes from Hawaii asking for help in finding his father. Davi and his family are Japanese American, and his father has been arrested and is imprisoned somewhere in the United States.

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