Sunday, May 16, 2010

Interview: Rockstar Rick Riordan

Ahem, for the record, I believe I was one of the first to dub him a rockstar in December of 2006, I'm just sayin'.

Nice interview with RRR on NPR, 'Percy Jackson' Author Takes On The Pyramids' about his new series. I loved his pitch about families reading together and this bit of advice to parents:

Strike up a good relationship with your children's librarian. They are a wealth of information for good books. Find a good independent bookseller in your community. They're another great source of information.

UPDATE:  AND Hokey Smokes Bullwinkle, look at the crowd at the last stop on the Pyramid tour! 

Kids, excited to see an author whose imagination and writing has thrilled them.  No matter which author it is, that is a grand thing!

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