Friday, March 26, 2010

Sadness: Sid Fleischman

Author Sid Fleischman died March 17 in his home in Santa Monica, Calif., at the age of 90.

I write what I am.
When I sit down to a blank sheet of paper,
I may become a yellow-haired boy,
a snarling pirate,
a prankish wizard's ghost,
or even a dog with arrogant worlf's eyes.
But beneath all the makeup, the wigs and putty noses
- that's me
off on a fresh adventure and having a much fun as I can.
From Sid


tanita✿davis said...


I would have that engraved on a headstone. He was such a lovely writer, and I will cherish my copies of his books.

Anonymous said...

I had the good fortune to meet him at a conference a few years ago, and he signed my copy of Houdini. I hadn't heard this news somehow until just now. What a treasure he was - and what a lovely tribute your post is!

Camille said...

His books were utterly original in every way.