Monday, September 07, 2009

Author: Laini Taylor

Laini Taylor's first book, Blackbringer, is in my "in case of reading emergency, open this book" kit that I take along when I substitute. (Oh, the first chapter with those empty shoes...)

The stunning cover art by (her husband) Jim DiBartolo compels you to reach for the book.

Now, Laini reports that 4 weeks after the birth of their beautiful Clementine, she is writing whole chapters. Honestly, 4 weeks after the birth of my children, I thought I was having a great day if I could get a shower.

My brain was in such a hormonal stew, I was happy to remember where I put the entlings, much less WRITE A BOOK.

I stand in awe, Laini.

She has shared some of Jim's art from her new book, Lips Touch, Scholastic, 2009. Here's a trailer.

They will be reaching for this one!

Now, where did I leave entling no. 3?

Oh, that's right, she is at college.

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anne said...

Would agree that blackbringer is one to keep around for emergency reading situations! Mesmerizing!