Monday, June 16, 2008

Travel with Children's Literature as a theme

Novel Destinations got me thinking about travelogues and guidebooks for trips with children's books as a theme.

One of the loveliest Christmas presents I ever got was How the Heather Looks: A Joyous Journey to the British Sources of Children's Books by Joan Bodger. I spent a day reading this book which literally took me away to another place and time--England in the late 50s early 60s. I enjoyed Bodger's descriptions of traveling with children which rang so true with me: keep them fed, find a place to do laundry.

What are some other titles of travel books that have children's books as the theme?


web said...

_Searching for Laura Ingalls_ is an interesting one.

Anonymous said...

Here's the book I was referring to in the earlier post:

Storybook Travels: From Eloise's New York to Harry Potter's London, Visits to 30 of the Best-Loved Landmarks in Children's Literature by Colleen Dunn Bates and Susan Latempa

Camille said...

web, I forgot all about Searching for Laura Ingalls. That is a great suggestion.

Sprite, I'm going to check that one out too.

Anonymous said...

Camille, I wrote about some of my favorites here the other year,

As I wrote in the post, this is one of my favorite subcategories in children's lit, and some of my favorite books to read as the weather gets warm and sunny. Well, travel and cookbooks based on favorite children's books!

I keep wishing Leonard Marcus would start a series, adding perhaps Boston, Chicago, and such to his NYC book.

Happy summer reading!

Camille said...

What fantastic suggestions. Heidi's Alp sounds very interesting!
Thank you.