Monday, June 23, 2008

Fascinating Gershwins

We were treated to a trip to the Alley Theatre today to see The Gershwins' An American in Paris. I cannot remember the last time a I enjoyed a show so much. The Houston Chronicle called it a "dansical."

"The show's focus from the beginning was on dance and comedy along with some heartfelt romance using the Gershwin songs as the engine to create a sense of joy," said Boyd, the show's director. "Dance does that better than any other element of theatrical language."

I just know that I could barely keep my feet still. It was a hit here, originally scheduled to only run through June 1 but extended through today, June 22.

Playbill says:
A future life for the show has not been announced; however, the musical's Tony-nominated book writer, Ludwig, hinted that Paris may be eyeing Broadway following its Houston premiere.

The Gershwin's beautiful melodies and lyrics were matched with nimble dialog, great voices and polished and fast paced comedy and dancing. The story chronicles the "backstage" events that lead up to the filming of the Gene Kelly classic, An American in Paris.

I sure hope this show has a future. It was amazing. Thanks to the Alley for providing these clips on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I've been searching around on this blog and Critical Mass (left a few comments there). I have noticed this blog has not been updated over the last few months. Oh by the way, I enjoyed hearing those authors during the River City Writers Series

Sherry said...

Sounds wonderful. I really like Gershwin.

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