Friday, March 28, 2008

Mother of the Bride

Been sort of distracted from my children's book world this week by happy family matters, including a senior recital and choir concert and competition.

One upcoming event will be the launch of Operation Wedding Dress. We've already watched Father of the Bride#1 and Father of the Bride#2, for Treebeard's sake. I enjoy the Steve Martin version, in part because the family lives in a town where I used to live, a long time ago. I have been seeking the wisdom of wedding gurus and sensei who have been through the process.
Entling no. 1 and I have been cybershopping, "hey, look at this one," but we have not yet ventured into an actual salon de wedding.

These ABC Primetime pieces have given me pause.

This one: "...a challenge for the compulsive"
Ha, I'm not compulsive. On the other hand, a control freak? Yes.

No pressure: "...that pinnacle purchase"
I better bring tissues.

Finally, I think that if NewsBoy popped out and asked me, "Mom, what did you really think?" after testing my "honesty" this way I would answer, "I think I am going to rap you on the head with that boom mic and throttle you with this veil.

Thank you to AFriendIndeed who pointed me to the episode.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Camille and Entling 1, good luck. Weddings are hard. Like most other things, being true to oneself and a budget are not easy.

On wedding dresses. They are lovely. DO NOT buy on impulse. Walk away, think about it. Distrust "sales". Check out Denise and Alan Fields Bridal Bargains. I found out about it after our wedding, but have liked their baby books a lot--good, practical advice. I spent $165 on my dress off the rack of a discount store.

And I know you probably doubt me, but Robert Fulghum's book on rituals has a good chapter on weddings that emphasizes how to focus on the important stuff and not get sucked in by an industry that is in place to take your money AND distract you from the upcoming, often discouraging fact that while weddings are pretty, shiny and fun, marriages require WORK.

Camille said...

What awesome advice. Thank you so much.

MotherReader said...

I was just going to suggest Bridal Bargains too! I used the book to find a wedding dress discounter - I'm not sure what they are really called. but basically, you pick any dress you want from one of those bridal magazines. Go to the fancy store and try it on. Then go to the discounter and buy it through her for a huge savings. I did this years (and years) ago and it was great. I saved a couple hundred dollars on my dress.

But the book is great for lots of things. It's more of a how to save money on a professional-type weddding not a bake your own wedding cake bargain book.

Anonymous said...

OK well as Mother of the Bride last year, you want any advice just ask! My two daughters and I spent a wonderful day trying on and shopping and it was a day I will never forget