Sunday, March 30, 2008

Long Distance Booktalking

So, family is enroute towards the entling no. 2's recital. It is Springtime in Texas.

Winters are soft compared to other areas of the country. We do not have to shovel snow or blizzards, well sometimes in the panhandle. We do face the occasional hurricane and our rainstorms are frequently of Old Testament magnitude. Fall is ok, we even get some color in the trees most years. In the Summer, the Gulf of Mexico bathes the coastal plain in moisture which combines with stifling heat, causing most of us to dart quickly from air conditioned space to air conditioned space.

But, Springtime in Texas is the bonus that allows us to glory in the outdoors. Traveling over the back roads of the Lone Star State these past two weekends, we have gloried in thick patches and expanses of bluebonnets. The blooms shade from deepest blue at the bottom towards white at the tip. This week, the orange-red Indian paintbrush is beginning to take hold along with a tall yellow bloom that causes the medians and fields on either side of the highway to glow with gold light. I cannot drive through Texas in the Spring and not silently thank God for the life of Lady Bird Johnson. It is magnificent.

While we ooh-ed and aah-ed our way down the byway yesterday, I got a call from the entsister.
She was in Barnes and Noble with the entniece and entnephew buying books and she wanted to ask me about some titles before purchase.

Me: No, don't buy Airman, I have a signed copy for him.

The hilarious thing was, while we talked about the pile of books they were trying to whittle down, she began to get inquiries from other patrons in the bookstore.

Stranger: Ask your sister about this one....

Other stranger: Has she read...

My sister is on the other side of the country and I was booktalking to strangers into a cell phone as we wheeled down the back roads of Texas.

What a hoot!

The good news was, the entnephew and entniece ended up with three books each instead of two.

Go me!!!


Anonymous said...

That is great, Camille! I agree with you about springtime in Texas: beautiful! My parents are both natives of central Texas, and I've spent a lot of time in the Lone Star State over the years. Love the bluebonnets and the Indian paintbrush!

Erin said...

That is so great. :D

Jen Robinson said...

Love the long distance booktalking to strangers thing, Camille!

MotherReader said...

Great story! I love that your booktalks traveled so far.