Thursday, March 13, 2008

Camp Read-Along

BookMoot took the "camp-in-a-box" on the road today. We did some setting up yesterday but today was story time.

The owls were hooting and the coyotes were howling and the campfire was "flickering" and these comments were heard at the campsite.

"Wow, it looks like Disneyland or something. I wish we were coming." -- Me too.

All day long: "Is that fire REAL?" -- What does your imagination tell you?

From a teacher: "I've heard of you, you're a legend." -- Only in my mind, sir, only in my mind.

"Tell Dragon, hi!"
"Where's the dragon?"
"Is your dragon here?"
"I remember that dragon!"
"That dragon is funny."
"He's a puppet." then, another child, "Shhh...don't tell him."

"When are you coming back?"

But the best comment all day was from the Assistant Principal doing a last minute walk-through in anticipation of the FIRE marshal's inspection in a few hours...

Oh, NO! The "fire" has to GO!"

Of all the days to have a camp-out in the library.

Many many thanks to Margaret Read MacDonald's
Three Minute Tales for so much fun with a "jump" story, "Potato in my Hand."


Anonymous said...

What do you use for a fire? We do a Winter Campout program every year and are always meaning to get some kind of something that looks like fire without burning the place down, but we haven't yet located the perfect solution.

(We do s'mores in the microwave after the stories and songs in this program. Invariably, the paper always decides to cover the event, and, also invariably, the children the reporters interview *always* say the s'mores were their favorite part of the program.)

Camille said...

Ahhh...we used to do marshmallows too but now the TX legislature says they are a food of "no nutritious value" and so we can't give them anything anymore. sigh. Just beat any residual joy out of the public schools, will ya?

My "fire" is an item I purchased years ago. It is a shallow black plastic bowl with a fan and LED lights in orange and red in the bottom. The fan blows two pieces of white silk, cut in the shape of flames. It look VERY real from a distance. To make it more camp fire-y, I rolled "logs" out of brown paper which I pile up around the bowl and sort of "tepee" them together at the top. The "logs" disguise the plastic and obscure the workings of the fan, etc. Real wood would work but that is very heavy to carry around.

The one I have was actually designed to be hung from the ceiling and looked at from below, where you would not see the interior. Sort of like this:

With the lights low, it looks very cool.

Anonymous said...


I hear you on the food. In our district, the kids can't bring treats for the class in on their birthdays anymore, which seems very wrong to me.

MotherReader said...

That sounds very cool to me. I can see why you are a legend.

Funny about the Fire Marshal's visit. What timing.