Thursday, January 10, 2008

First week back to school/work

How it is spread, I don't know.

First Entling no. 3 began to cough and sniff, then the low grade temp took hold.

Entling no. 2, preparing to make her way back to college, began to sniffle a day later.

Entling no. 1's low grade temp began to rise and the cough set in with a rhythm and cadence of its own.

"Really, I'm feeling pretty good," said Entling no. 2 as we drove northward towards her college.

The next day I am at the doctor with Entling no. 3,

Entling no. 2 has called for help with dosages of decongestants and for help deciphering Rx labels.

The next day Entling no. 2 texts me with the news she is at the college clinic and has a temperature.

I email Treebeard to let him know and he answers back that his throat is beginning to tickle and he thinks he might be running a temp. Oh no. We are in serious trouble now because he takes care of all of us in so many ways.

He gets home early and succumbs to a temperature that way too high for a grown-up to have.

Entling no. 1 checks in, hale and hearty and obviously relieved she escaped our holiday revelries and contagion, just in time.

We have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. The fact that Treebeard has agreed to go the doctor, is an indicator of his weakened state.

Listening to the local news tonight, I note the sports guy sounds...just like my family. A friend called today and she sounds...just like my family.

I don't know when Miss BookMoot will be back to post again...I have a tickle in my throat and I've started to cough a little bit...


Little Willow said...

Healthy thoughts for all of you.

tanita✿davis said...

Oddly, this only happens to me during VACATIONS.

Coughing just began here, too. Hang in there...

Kelly said...

Yikes, Camille. We've JUST been through this. Husband is the last one with the crud.

Feel bettter soon!

Ladytink_534 said...

For once (knock on wood) I haven't been sick all winter! I hope you and your family will feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Poor Camille & Co.

We've got stuff here, too. Hubby had a low-grade flu-like thing over the holidays, and now M (13) is down with 103 degree-fever. And my nose is running like a faucet (unpleasant but accurate image, I'm sorry to say).

I sure hope all is well in Fangorn sometime soon!

MotherReader said...

Whenever one of my kids gets sick I feel equal parts sorry for them and dread for my own impending sick doom. Feel better.

Jen Robinson said...

Good luck, Camille. I hope everyone recovers soon. I've had a cold and cough for 2 weeks, and it's much better, but it's just not going away.