Saturday, December 01, 2007

Why I think he is a rockstar

You may know that I've long admired Rick Riordan's writing and his Percy Jackson series which have been the gateway into books for many kids that I know. I've been lucky enough to meet him and I am always impressed by his kind and gracious manner toward his young fans and goggle-eyed librarians.

I think I started thinking of him as "Rockstar Rick Riordan" from the moment I turned the last page of The Lightning Thief. I knew I was holding reading gold* in my hands. "The man is a rockstar!" I thought.

Read his post about school visits.
Is there a title beyond "rockstar" I can apply to him?

*reading gold: a book that will convince a non-reader that there ARE some books worth reading for just the sheer pleasure of the experience.


Jen Robinson said...

Camille, I had drafted a response to this post before I say yours, and I said "Read the whole post, and you'll see why I'm such a fan". Great minds think alike, I guess. I thought it was a wonderful post.

Camille said...

Jen, we should start the RRR fan club. Great minds indeed.

Jen Robinson said...

I'm in for the fan club.

jenclair said...

I love your definition of the phrase "reading gold!" Thanks for the link to Rick Riordan's blog-- I enjoyed the post about visiting schools and also the one about The Golden Compass controversy.