Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rider, Alex Rider

Oh, good.

Author, Anthony Horowitz has announced that Alex Pettyfer will NOT be in the next Alex Rider movie because he is too old now. The character, Alex Rider, is 14 years old and will be for the rest of the books. I think Horowitz said Alex will turn 15 at the end of the series.

I never understood why Stormbreaker was shown in such a limited release in the U.S. When I fnally saw the movie on DVD, I liked it. The only thing that didn't quite jell for me was Alex himself. Pettyfer's restrained and rather elegant Alex Rider did not fit my image of the character.

Horowitz showed us the first preview of Stormbreaker during his talk at TLA two years ago. As the trailer opened, we saw a shot of a classroom with a teacher calling Alex Rider's name. As the camera passed by the faces of the students I recall thinking "Oh there's Alex!" only to see the camera continue and finally land on Pettyfer. "That's not Alex!" I thought.

Now, I realize that in the annals of cinematic history, this probably does not rank up there with the casting of Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind did but I booktalked these books today and heard the cheers of the kids who have read them and saw the keen interest of those who have not yet. Kids get excited at the idea of a movie so, to me, this is important.

So, Anthony, I want you to know that I will be happy to help you review the screen tests.
I will know Alex when I see him.


Anonymous said...

personaly i love the books i just finished ark angle and i yelled at my parents to go get me the seventh i love anthony's books because he just knows how to grab your attention and keep it even going from page to page chapter to chapter and book to book its just so amazing
-crazed reader

Anonymous said...

Horwitz should have left the series with scorpia. It was the perfect ending to a really good series of books. Everything that followed Scorpia is overkill.

Anonymous said...

i think that since scorpia the plots have been a little bit forced
its about time anthony stopped materializing realtives and focussing on either developing alex as an agent or do a book without a mission (as weird as it may sound) stop finding new reasons to force alex to go on missions getting boring