Friday, June 01, 2007

Author: Mitali Perkins

Author/blogger Mitali Perkins announces that her fictional character Sameera Righton is blogging. I spent some time on the site yesterday. "Sameera" is doing a great job covering all sides of the ' 08 campaign. I need to nominate my favorite junior high library for the contest.

Sameera Righton, the main character in First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover and First Daughter: White House Rules (Dutton Books For Young Readers), is blogging about the real first kid wannabes in the '08 campaign from now until November 2008 at

To celebrate the release of the first novel in this two-book series, we're giving away ten signed copies. Here's how to get one if you're interested:

THIS SUMMER: Five libraries (school or public) can win free signed copies as visitors come to Sparrow's blog ( from June 15 - September 1 and leave the name of the library they love in the comments. The five most frequently mentioned libraries win the books.

PUB DATE CONTEST: Five libraries can win free signed copies on pub date by linking to and sending the most visitors to Sparrow's '08 campaign blog ( before June 14, 2007. Right now, the libraries in the lead are:

* Beaverton City Library, Oregon
* Westerville Public Library, Ohio
* Mamaronek Library, New York
* West Bend Library, Wisconsin
* Bellingham Public Library, Washington

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