Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Author: Mike Lupica

Nice profile on author, Mike Lupica.

Although Mike still writes his popular sports column, and is a regular on ESPN’s “The Sports Reporters,” he says writing for young readers is his new favorite job. “This is the greatest writing adventure of my life,” Mike said. Does Mike have any advice for young readers? Of course, after all, he’s a dad and a coach. So here it is: Whether you’re taking about basketball or writing, Mike said, “Don’t let anybody limit your dreams, because nobody limited mine.”

I was talking to a friend yesterday who was telling me how much his son loves Lupica's books. He had to make his son return Heat to the school library so they could get his year-end report card.


Anonymous said...

I remember reading Lupica when he broke in as a young sportswriter years ago at the NY Daily News. He was a breath of fresh air when Dick Young, who I practically worshiped as a young kid (no pun intended), turned bitter and unreadable in his later years. Lupica always wrote in a way that conveyed scenes and pictures of what he wrote about. It's not surprising he's such a success as a writer of novels for young readers.

Camille said...

I do not read "sports" books as a rule but his characters are very engaging. I found myself worrying about the characters in Heat when I had to stop reading it to do other things.

You are exactly right about his writing, you really see the action of the game as he describes it, even for someone like me who really only watches baseball.