Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Busy, busy busy

I find that when I don't have time to post or write about books that also means I haven't had time to check in with my kidlitosphere circle. I find I miss knowing what Bartography is up to or what:
Little Willow
Mother Reader
Liz B
are reading. Is indefatigable Kelly still going and going? How are things across the pond with Michele and all the other authors' blogs and smart thinkers' blogs that I check on regularly?

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This is my last week as librarian in residence. It is Book Fair time at the elementary school. The company is local and they have a wonderful selection of books. If I want something that is not there, they usually have it in the warehouse and send it right over.

I like book fair because it gives parents an opportunity to talk to a librarian about books and their worries and concerns about their kids' reading or not reading.

Parent: "My son really doesn't like to read very much, do you have any suggestions on titles that might interest him?"
Me: Yes! Come with me my child.


Parent: "My son likes these Captain Underpants things...are they ok? I'm not so sure about them. What do you think?
Me: Well, you know, I think Dav Pilkey has a direct line into kids' (boys') brains. His books give those kids on the fence about this whole reading thing a reason to live (and learn) just so they can read his hilarious books. He has done more for boys' literacy skills than Harry Potter.


Parent: "Do you think it is ok to sell baseball cards at a book fair? Shouldn't it just be books?"
Well, they have to read the stats on the back of the cards and if they like baseball cards let's point them to Dan Gutman's Baseball Card series.


Parent: "My 3rd grader is reading at a 9th grade level (how do parents know this?) but she/he loves these books. I think they should be reading something at a higher reading level. Do you have anything harder?"
I see you read Stephanie Plum books?
Parent: Oh, yes, this is the new one. They are so funny.
Me: May I share with you the reading level of that series? (This was not scientific, just a quick check I did one time with some random paragraphs that I ran through Microsoft Word.)


Parent: "My daughter loves this Inkheart book and I just got her the sequel. What other fantasy do you think she would enjoy?"
Me: Has she read the Artemis Fowl series? -- Yes.
Has she read Gregor the Overlander? -- Yes.
Has she read Dragon Rider and The Thief Lord? -- Yes and Yes
Has she read Redwall-Charlie Bone-Harry Potter-Eragon-City of Ember and...and...and...? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes...
Me: Ah ha! Has she read The Lightning Thief? Has she read Airborn? Ooooh... NO!
Me: Score!


(Meanwhile, right in the middle of helping preK kids write down some books)
Different 5th grade Teacher: It is time to read to a different 5th grade class again, do you have something you could read to them?
Me: Yes. (This must be a Tuesday thing.)
Once again, Percy Jackson to the rescue.
(35 minutes later...)
Sep 20 9 pm

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