Sunday, December 04, 2005

Op Ed: Good Night Moon

Fun op ed in the NYTimes today about the other dangers posed in the children's classic Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.

HarperCollins recently digitally removed the cigarette from the photograph of illustrator Clement Hurd. Karen Karbo points out other "insidious" messages contained within the books covers. Very clever.
H. A fire blazing in the fireplace while Bunny sleeps? Suggested change: Get rid of it. At the very least, digitally add a fire extinguisher to the wall. And hello? Where are the smoke detectors?

I. The United States Fire Administration advises against using "alternative heating devices" like fires to dry clothing. Suggested change: Digitally move mittens and socks to other end of the room.

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Kelly said...

Too funny, Camille!