Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Coretta Scott King Award Seal

I have looked at the Coretta Scott King Award seal so many times on book covers and never known the beautiful meaning behind it. You can see the seal here.
The Coretta Scott King Award Seal was designed by internationally-known artist Lev Mills in 1974. The symbolism used in designing the seal centers around Dr. King's teachings and doctrines, the purpose for which the Award was founded.

The basic circle represents continuity in movement, revolving from one idea to another. Within the circle is the image of a black child reading a book. The five main religious symbols below the image of the child represent nonsectarianism. The superimposed pyramid symbolizes both strength and Atlanta University, where the Award was headquartered at the time the seal was designed. At the apex of the pyramid is the dove, symbolic of peace, one of Dr. King's doctrines. The rays shine toward peace and brotherhood.

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Anonymous said...

The "five main religious" symbols leave out those who are non-believers. This is not non-sectarian, it is religious bias. There are more non-religious in our country than there are Jews. Why do you think it is that non-belief is never represented when people talk about diversity?