Saturday, June 04, 2011

48 Hour Book Challenge: Calli Be Gold

Calli Be Gold
Calli Be Gold by Michele Weber Hurwitz. Wendy Lamb Books, 2011
(review copy from the publisher)
Genre:  realistic fiction
Calli Gold does not DO anything.  She does not skate competitively like her sister or play sports like her brother.  She is content to be the sedate middle child. She has patience and empathy for others. She notices things that fly by the notice of her parents as they rush their children from one activity to another.  Her family's over-scheduled and hectic life is hard on everyone.  Still her father thinks Calli has just not discovered her talent or passion yet and needs an activity of her own.

But, when Calli becomes involved in a student peer support group at school, her family can barely find the time to attend her group's Friendship Fair.
Calli is an endearing character with a serene inner strength.  This reader applauded when she finally called out her parents about their misplaced priorities.   I really enjoyed this family story, nice parents (though they need a head slap)  a nice brother, bratty drama queen older sister for some tension and conflict.
Good for all of us to reflect on what really is important and how we spend our family time.

Time reading: 1.5 hours, 208 pages.
Time coughing:  15 minutes (accumulated)
Time talking in hoarse, basso voice: 25 minutes
Time spent whining about being sick:  25 minutes

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