Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Zoo I Drew

The Zoo I DrewThe Zoo I Drew by Todd H. Doodler. Random House, 2009

An ABC book of animals at the zoo, (C for Camel, D for Deer, etc.) on double page spreads with vivid colors and strong graphic design.  Doodler's aka Todd Goldman animals look out at the reader with large circle eyes  (that recall Southpark characters to this reader.)
 Poetry quatrains describe each animal.
The newt is small and slimy
It's a type of salamander.
It lives on the forest floor
Where it's easier to meander. 
This is not the detailed, research based poetry of the  splendiferous Douglas Florian but  the pages are bright and eye-catching.


Zoe said...

It sounds like a fun book to "re-write" with my own children - I'm sure they'd love to draw their own zoo!

Katie said...

I find myself comparing every book of animal poetry to Douglas Florian's work, and nothing ever measures up. He is just the best.

Camille said...

Zoe: It would be a great launching point for such a project.

Katie: You are so right. Douglas Florian is sublime, the best, incomparable.

Katie said...

My Son would love that book!

I am following you from the Houston Blogger email

Kim said...

Brian Jacques dead. Sniff.

Camille said...

Kim: oh no, no nononononono