Thursday, November 04, 2010


EcoMazes: 12 Earth AdventuresEcoMazes by Roxie Munro. Sterling, 2010.

Roxie Munro's maze books are brilliant combinations of facts and fun.  
EcoMazes serves a real need in curricula and for all those children who will be writing animal reports next spring.

Animal reports are perfect for "first" research projects. In any series book in the library a student will easily find a description of the animal,  its lifecycle AND its habitat.  All these facts are usually required points in their projects.

Habitat/ecosystem is a tricky thing for a second grader to wrap their mind around and differentiate.  Oh certainly, it is easy to understand the difference from Arctic/Polar regions and say the Tropical Rainforest but where is the line between Grasslands and Tundra?  It gets a little squishy there and not just for kids.

Munro's book allows the reader to travel through the area, locating the hidden mammals, birds, and reptiles  that live there.  The solutions to the mazes are found at the back of the book along with more information about each ecosystem.  She also includes a list of websites and other books on the subject.

School librarians, you need this title. 

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