Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Have your cake

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So, weeks ago, entling no. 1 started to alert me and her sister to the newly released pics from New Moon--the movie but she stopped as she remembered, "oh, snap, they don't care."

It is really so sad, a house divided. Twilight fans/Not Twilight fans. (entling no. 2 has not weighed in, yet.)

entling no. 3 and I rejoice in the success, fandom and enthusiasm for the Twilight books. I adore them for their contribution to my "it is never too late to become a reader" mantra.

entling no. 3 actually liked the movie and uttered the equivalent of heresy in this house, "I think I will just see the movies and not read the books." Alas.

We tried, REALLY tried to be part of the party BUT it turned out that both of us got to the "sparkle in the forest clearing" part and had to stop reading. I did eventually finish the book but the entling couldn't push her eyeballs one page further.

From unscientific data, gleaned from random conversations, it would appear that, the "sparkle" scene is a make-or-break point for readers. If you sail through that scene you will be a Twilight fan. If not, not.

Reading Meg Cabot's arch take on Publix birthday cakes and her ponders about Twilight cakes sent me a-googling.

For all the fans who got through the sparkle, have your cake...here and here.


jone said...

I read book one. I saw the movie. I feel somewhat left out that I have yet to read the rest of the series. That said, I also feel there are too many other books before the rest of the series.

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHA! Cake number 2 from that first link looks like it has a red dildo lurking on it - I'm sure it was supposed to be a pawn, but, um, well . . . AHAHAHA!

I needed a good laugh today. Phew.

Andrea said...

Well, I liked Twilight but some of the Twilight cakes are so awesome.

Rawley said...

Wow--some of those cakes are really impressive! I tried making The Hungry Catepillar cake after reading this post on Cake Wrecks (http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/2009/05/sunday-sweets-reading-rocks.html) but it turned out quite scary looking and no one would eat it.

anne said...

cakes aside, enjoyed the twilight series, amused by all the 'fervor' . had to read it so I could advise parents that it was "ok" type vampires, ...found the last book a bit "much" in parts, but it fit w/the rest :)
now there is movie madness, and endless holds put on all our books here, which is what movies SHOULD do!