Friday, November 21, 2008

Klingon Opera

I must indulge my inner-geek from time to time.

As reported in the NYTimes:

FLORIS SCHÖNFELD, a multidisciplinary artist from the Netherlands, is developing a Klingon opera as a "nonprofit research work in progress."

The Klingon opera Mr. Schönfeld is developing is called “ ’u’.” The apostrophes before and after the “u” are part of the title and are pronounced by Mr. Schönfeld like short coughs. The title, he said, stands for universe or universal.

I am also liking the trailer for the Star Trek Movie very much.


MotherReader said...

With a digital recorder, we routinely jump through the commercials - unless my husband happens to see the Star Trek trailer. Then we have to watch it like it was it's own little TV show.

rathacat said...

Hi BookMoot,

As I am an unabashed Trekker who enjoyed the original show, Next Generation and the movies, I thank you for letting me also indulge my inner geek. I'm also looking forward to the Star Trek movie, with Zachary from Heroes playing young Spock. I never thought that anyone except Nimoy could pull it off, but after seeing Zach play Sylar, I think he can.

I learned to write by having stuff published in Star Trek fanzines.
My Ratha series about prehistoric big cats was partially inspired by ST fan speculation that Vulcans evolved from feline ancestors, not anthropoids.

Clare Bell

Anonymous said...

You aren't alone. That post made my heart rate speed up a little. I hope I get to see this thing one day. Even if it were bad, it would still be good, you know?

Sonya Worthy said...

Are quotation marks a double cough?

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this blog posting and will post it on my FB site as my featured kidlit blog of the day. I'm with PaperTigers blog and website, and am glad to see PT on your blogroll!