Monday, July 14, 2008

NonFiction Monday: Uneversaurus

Dewey: 567.9

Uneversaurus: Change the Way you look at Dinosaurs Forever!
by Professor Potts, David Fickling Books, 2006

This book uses humor and science to speculate about the coloration and appearance of dinosaurs. What did these creatures look like? That is the gazilllion dollar question and why this clever and insightful book intrigued me. The title itself is a play on words, you-never-saw-us/Uneversaurus...

The opening end papers suggest a colorwheel of dinosaur scales and the first page states the fact that "no human has ever seen a dinosaur." Taking clues from nature, colors and patterns are suggested in the finely drawn and colorful illustrations. Were the creatures camouflaged? Were they patterned with strips or spots?

Speech balloons give the dinosaurs a chance to talk and comment. A double spread coloring pages on the closing end papers, invite the dinosaur lover to color in their own ideas. As a librarian, I like this warning:
"if this book does not belong to you please do not color in this page. It would be a shame to ruin it for everyone else. Instead, photocopy the picture or trace the outline and create your own super-duper-saaurus amargasaurus.

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