Thursday, January 25, 2007


Meg Cabot and I are watching the all the same TV shows. As a professional writer person, she puts it so perfectly in her Jan. 23 post.

The Office:
And if you are not watching The Office, well, I just don’t know what to say. I guess if I were to say to you, “Jim said yes,” it would mean nothing to you.

If, however, you were watching The Office, and I were to say, “Jim said yes,” to you, you would inhale sharply and squeal, “I KNOW!” in a delighted manner. These words would take on a whole new meaning to you. Because this is seriously the hottest, most romantic show on TV, besides being the funniest, and if you aren’t watching it, well, I kind of feel sorry for you.

Cabot watches the Food Network like I watch the Food Network and her take on 24 is exactly where I am, alas. I am afraid I was cheering "Now that's what I'm talking about!!!" at the plastic bag thing this past week.

Jane Eyre and Lorna Doone, that is why I like her books so much I guess.


K.M.Grant said...

Hi, Camille, I got your e.mail from my blog, but when I tried to reply it bounced back. My machine is in a strange mood.

I was going to say that you're the third person in as many days who has recommended '24', so that will be our next boxed set. Three is a magic number for me. I never ignore it. I have 3 children, I write trilogies (mostly), I'm the third in my family ...

I'm trying, through some domestic irritations like PARKING PERMITS and CRACKING PLASTER AAAAARH!) to get to THE END of the first one of the perfect fire trilogy, but every time I try and type THE END, something gets in the way.

Hope things are well with you.

very best,

Chris Barton said...

My wife and I are at a weird place in The Office. We just finished watching Seasons 1 and 2 straight through on DVD, then picked up on Season 3 with the episode where Jim said "Yes," then bought and watched the first two episodes of the season, then this past Thursday saw a rerun from somewhere in between. While we were rewinding the tape (yes, we're that primitive) to watch that rerun, there was some other rerun (I think) showing, which we mostly tried to look away from. But we also saw a preview of next week's new, post-"Jim said 'Yes'" episode. We're thoroughly discombobulated, but I think we've got the mental wherewithal to pull through.

Watching Steve Carell last night in Little Miss Sunshine probably didn't help, but it sure was funny.

Camille said...

I am a transplant from the original Office on the BBC. That show was was just compelling and I loved it.

My oldest entling told me I should be watching the US version I didn't think it could be as good as the UK version) so I only came in on the last show from last season when Pam said "No." I was hooked. I still have to go back and catch up from the beginning. Like you, I have been watching disjointed reruns when they are on. That reminds me...I need to go update my Netflix queue.