Sunday, January 07, 2007

Digital Storytelling

Do NOT miss Kristen McLean's post Trendwatch: Inanimate Alice at pixie stix kids pix. She discusses the intriguing possibilities of digital storytelling and where to find some examples on the web today.

I am so grateful for this link to Jean Gralley’s take on digital picture books. Click on Books Unbound. Fascinating!


Anonymous said...

I appreciate the mention, Camille! Can I suggest linking directly to Books Unbound with this url instead? --->

The Horn Book article is recreated in a cool, flash version here:

Th more we can get these ideas out, the more likely the childrens book industry will realize there are fantastic possibilities here. I'm really excited about them and am always looking for more opportunities to write and speak ("show and tell"). CBC will publish another article I wrote in their Spring publication. Thanks again for the mention!

Camille said...

Thank you.
I am hooked on the Alice story now. I signed up for alerts to let me know when the new chapter is out. I found all the dolls in Russia. That was NOT easy.

This kind of storytelling can grab you.