Sunday, January 08, 2006

Know-Nothing Alert!

Congratulations to Pete Sherman at the State Journal-Register for doing this story.

District 186 of Springfield, Illinois must have perfect test scores and 100% literacy in their school district because their Know-Nothings have chosen to cut their library programs.

Librarian Connie Potts is a saint.
A few years ago, during a severe round of budget cuts, her position was reduced to half time. Now, she spends the other half of her day supervising volunteer librarians at the district's elementary schools - where all librarians were eliminated during the same round of cuts...

...When that happened in Springfield a few years ago, Potts said, she wasn't sure how to react.

"Should I go and make this work (supervising volunteers) and showing you don't need librarians?" Potts recalled thinking. "Or, (maybe) I don't do anything and show what the district is missing?" She chose to support the volunteers for the sake of the students.

"These little guys need books in their hands," Potts often says.

The district was counting on volunteers to run the libraries but (surprise, surprise) schools with the highest poverty rates are floundering without volunteers to run their libraries.

Interesting to note: District 186 is has a vacancy posted for a Head Varsity Football Coach at Southeast High School. I assume it is a full time position?

Irony: They are also showing a position for a RN at a location TBD (to be determined?) to travel between schools. Nothing like having to share a nurse when there is an emergency at your campus.

Good luck y'all.


Kelly said...

Football always comes first, doesn't it?
Know-nothings, indeed!

Keep at it, Camille.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out this article, Camille. It's a sad commentary indeed, but the kind of thing that people should know about. I like the sidebars on your website a lot, too. Thanks!